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Diamonds and Gents oh yes Gents you too.  I know some of you haven't even started your Christmas shopping or even finished.  Well don't trip I got a deal you will love oh yes I have jewelry for males as well.  Or Gents you can get something for your lady.  I'm feeling so good you can get 40% off Today and I guess the week,  By USING Coupon code: OFFSITEWIDE.

When you buy your piece I'll donate 10% of that to .  I am in such a giving mood if you use this coupon code: XN5S7CLXV6  you will get $20 off your purchase of $100.00.  Go now and start shopping .  When you get your pieces post a pic and tag me in it.  If you want it to be featured on the blog send it to

Have a Merry Christmas Darlings!!!


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