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That Gem's Corner (Should I Propose to Him?)

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What's Happening Ms. Tra?

I just want to tell how much I love you and your grind.  Oh yeah how is your mother?  I was praying for her.  But, anyway I have been with Let's just call him Jimmy for 6 1/2 years.  He has not shown any signs of proposing and he ask me to move in with him though.  I am really not feeling moving in with a dude I'm not married too.  My told me not to.  But, I'm scared if I don't he will not want to stay with me.  So I'm thinking to fix all that I should propose to him.  All my friends like you dummy a woman should never propose to a man.  But, I really just would like a unbiased opinion someone that don't really know us to weigh in.  So what you think mama to propose or not is the question? LOL

Dear To Propose or not,

Hey my Diamond sistah!  Thanks so much for your prayers for my mom.  Please keep praying for her she is in ICU.  I was checking my emails and ran across this one and had to respond.  Sorry it took so long.  But, let's talk about it.  Like always tell women a man that find a wife find a good thing and obtain favor with the Lord.  You can not take that pleasure from him.  Of the proposal.  So no I don't think you should propose to him to ease your conscious on whether or not you should move in with him.

Oh yeah take it from somebody that had to move in with a ex when he turn ill and he was dying.  He put a ring on it but, we never got married.  A man knows what he wants.  I always tell you Diamonds that.  A man knows what he wants.  After, 6 in a half years my man haven't hinted that he wants to marry you let that relationship go.  Because, it's either you have made him to comfortable and you been giving the nuckie up or he just don't ant to marry you or get married for that matter JS.  That's another thing to women that want to get married stop giving these men your prize possession that is you HOLD ON TO IT BE CONFIDENT AND KNOW YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT.

Listen to your mom don't move in.  Listen to your friend don't propose.  In the end you he will have ring and in 6 more years you won't.  You approaching 7 years number of completion.  Just a thought.  Let me know how it turns out.  But, RUN NOW!

Much Love Darling,
That Gem

If you would like to weigh in leave it below in the comment section.  If you would like to come out your corner and come over to mine then email me and I ill get back.

Disclaimer :  This my opinion I am not imposing my views on anyone.  I'm asked I answer.


  1. Ms. Tra that's the way of the old school. She should move in I'm not saying proposal I agree with you. Just to see how he is. Damn if I marry a stranger.


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