Jerhonda Pace R Kelly Allege Sex Slave Escapes #TheReal

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Diamonds what's happening and what's going on? Chile, y'all my mouth is still open wide from watching the highlights of this here interview.  So apparently, R. Kelly is running an allege cult sex house.  Now, months ago speculations of R. Kelly running a sex slave house came out.  When, a 20 something year olds woman, parents spoke out against their child being held against her will.  Most of us including me wasn't at all surprised and even laughed it off.

But, after hearing and seeing this allege victim talk about this encounter. It left me everything but, laughing and it actually shook me up.  Well, Jerhonda Pace allege that Mr. Robert Kelly took her virginity at the tender age of 16.  Not, just that but, he also, introduced her to the women that would later teach her, how to please him.  She said, the encounter happen on his tour bus.  The young lady allege he invited her on to his tour bus.  When, she entered he wasn't alone.  He had a young lady present with him and the both of them were Naked.  Jerhonda claims to felt uneasy about the situation, she also, credits Mr. Kelly to picking up on the vibe.  Then reassuring her and asking her to relax.

The other young lady begins to teach her how to please R. Kelly.  She said she later escaped by saying she had to leave to get something.  By this account this is very disheartening that young lady felt like she was a sex slave.  It's time for some real action to be taken.  And, I'm wondering where in the sam hell was this young lady parents.

Y'all watch some of her accounts right here:

Y'all what do you think is happening with this whole thing?  Love to hear your thoughts comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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