Dear Judith maybe Harvey (Temptation Review)

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Dear Judith and Maybe even Harvey,

Well, I hope this letter reaches you in good health.  I sat yesterday and listen to your story.  As you told it and yes in the beginning I must say it was bored, but you were.  The problem was you were evolving and you just didn't realize it.  The communication you had with your spouse about this very thing was missing.  You wanted different, yeah you know sexual positions, clothes, hair and spontaneity. 

But, again this was never communicated.  In your relationship you had everything you needed.  He was willing to listen love you and fight for you.  All let's not forget fight with you.  Sometimes going from a slow life to the fast.  Can take you in a whirlwind you wouldn't believe.  But, good thing is
you have a praying mother. I hope you realize that now.

Now, Harvey you had a woman that loved you.  But, you allowed the lust of the flesh to over take you.  She didn't care about your money.  She wanted you for you. 
Anger and control got the best of your wounded soul. 

You messed up her life and Judith.  Never realize your money couldn't cure that thing you had going through you.  The look that was in your eyes told your story.  But, the plank in Judith eye kept her from seeing the anger, hurt and the plank in yours.

You had who you wanted but yet you look outside.  You brought home a demon that overtook your blood and even your spouses.  You have to take responsibility get help. 

Well, Judith and Harvey y'all made a mess of some good people lives.  But, Judith you got a chance to be friends with the love of your life. 

Ms. Tra`

If I can rate this movie I rate it a 3.  It started off slow.  But, action hit the character played by Lance Gross was a great man.  Brandy Norwood character was a great person. That didn't take advantage of a good friend that helped you. Kim K. character was not needed.  I like Vanessa Williams part hilarious even the fake French accent to Georgia.    Check it out.  Much Love Darlings!!!


  1. Great letter, Ms. Diamond. This was a wonderful movie that my husband and I took our 15-year-old daughter to see. It started out slow just as the beginning of their lives together did but gained momentum with the very temptation. Temptation itself was a dominant character. Judith did not want or even know spontaneity until Harvey's persistence made it more appealing. Harvey's spontaneity included violence. My daughter and I had a good discussion about this. I told her if her daddy EVER growled at or slapped me in the name of making love....YEAH! When her husband told her that they could go to bed and do it the right way, that way included love and lacked violence. That is the way a virtuous wife should always be treated. She allowed a part of her to die with each advance from Harvey. She eventually lost herself totally and what could have been a beautiful future with a loving and not to mention GORGEOUS chocolate man that played a guitar and sang in boxers, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. Come here, Lance Gross!!! I mean really, Harvey looked like a crackhead from the beginning. No comparison. I loved this movie and would have easily rated it a 4 1/2.

  2. It was to slow of a start. When, I was in college I took a class called film study. I was taught if I can figure out the plot or story line before the end then its not creative enough. I had the story figured out before the end. Great cast and phenomenal acting just to predictable for me. 3 is gr8!


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