Hair Review: Isis Red Carpet Collection Style: BP07 Color: F1B/30

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What's going on Diamonds?  Yes it's protective style time.  For those that are not natural it means time to do some oil treatments and to keep from tugging and pulling on my hair.  I wear protective styles (wigs, ponytails and even sew ins.)  Let's just say weave honnee.  Well, I bought a new unit and oh yes I'm feeling it.  Check the video review right here:

I rate this unit a 4 gems out of 1 to 5 gems.  Ready to style don't need any product.  Don't look wiggy.  It's all good if you would like to purchase this unit go to .  Keep in mind I purchase this unit with my own money at a local beauty supply.  So I don't know if the unit is still available but if it is you may want to holla at this one ladies.  Tell them Ms. Tra` That Gem" sent ya.

Check out Saturday Radio show we will have soulful singer @wilwash (Wilisha Washington).  On .  You don't want to miss it Diamonds and Gents!!!

Much Love Darlings!!!


  1. This hair review make me want to go get me one. I like how you made it your won go head.

  2. Really love the review!Keep doing it!Thanks for your sharing!!


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