Judge Joe Brown Saying Bye After 15 seasons WAIT... You still on TV??

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Well, Diamonds and Gents after 15 seasons Judge Joe Brown is saying bye.  I'm about to cry because, I didn't even know Judge Joe Brown still came on.  I would've DVR it.  Well according to the Judge "It was time to move out on my own since I had some ideas that I had been having to pull teeth with no novocaine to get adopted," Brown said.

Don't forget they were trying to play the judge by taking away some of his salary honnee.  Due to a dip in ratings.  Well, what you expect out sight out of mind.  Y'all don't advertise CBS how we going to know he still on.  I'm miss it.  Y'all need to release a DVD the best of Judge Joe Brown cases.  You know the classics.  Well, this is not it for the Judge I'm sure.  Now, Tyler I hope to see some Judge Joe Brown appearances because Madea can't stay out of jail.  That will be good one.

Are you going to miss Judge Joe Brown show?  Did you know it was still on?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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