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That Gem's Corner

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? I just came out of prayer and got an awesome revelation that I would love to share.  So I was thinking why is it so hard for some to embrace who I am and others like me.  Let me explain: Ok those that are not foolish or marvel in not knowing a thing.  Those that seek after knowledge and understanding and those that are wise.  You know the old saying goes" Wise beyond your years." 

But truly, I don't feel having wisdom or walking in wisdom comes from age.  You have some children that have more sense then some of the elders I run across.  Not to throw shade but it just is simple truth.  I was reading Proverbs 17 the other day and I ran across apart that said:
A truly wise person uses few words; a person of understanding is even tempered. Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with there mouths shut they seem intelligent. 27&28.  I thought that has explain so much to me.

I understand now.  A lot times when you are misunderstood.  Or people don't get your path, because often times it's path they wish they've taken.  Listen most people are not bold enough to do what they are called to do or even chosen for.  That boldness that I won't relent comes from The Lord.  Just a thought.

So the next time you are trying to figure out why they can't stand you? Why they won't help me? Why they won't speak to me? Often it's because they don't even know what to say. 

It's also called being comfortable in your skin.  If I'm comfortable in my skin I have no time to hate that sister that have breasts and va-jay jay  like me.  Just saying.  I embrace you my Diamonds sisters and my Gents I embrace you. 

Aw yeah Gents oftentimes Women say you not this or that.  Is because, maybe in some cases you have shown that.  But, a man that is man puts away childish things.  So if you know you good you haven't given this woman no reason to say these words to you.  Then I need you to do me a favor before you become bitter.  RUN, RUN FOREST RUN.  Let me tell you this that is woman that is hurt.  She has never been dealt with by another.  She needs to heal.  Aw and guess what your new booty tail won't be able to heal her with your penis.  That can only come through God and a True Diamond sistah and some counseling.  Just a FYI.

Now, to the Diamonds that need counseling get yourself some.  Get you a Diamond sistah that has been cut by another Diamond.  Because, a sistah that has not been cut by another DIAMOND and always got issues with sistah's can't help you.  Just real talk.  That's a woman that some where in life had a problem with herself.  Never like herself and somehow something change she begin to like the way she look on the outside and didn't realize that fungus that she was feeling on the outside rot her on the inside.  So sistah get HELP AND PEER LEVEL ACCOUNTABLITY.

This is Ms. Tra` "That Gem" bringing you That Gem's corner.  You have any comments, questions or maybe you may want some advice featured in the next That Gem's Corner or vid done to you.  Then email me at  Much Love Darlings!!!


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