Slim Calls Radio Station About Lil Wayne Progress

"Every Saturday catch Living It Up on at 1:30pm cst."

Yes Diamonds and Gents you will be glad to hear Lil Wayne has family by his side.  Most important Ron "Slim" Williams (Co-Founder of Cash Money) called radio station to let it be known he is watching the game with Lil Wayne and all is well.  He is recovering!

Slim states: He is not sure where TMZ got there info.  But, he confirms that it is false.  Lil Wayne is drinking water out a straw and recovering well.  Looking forward to possible release later on TODAY!    Birdman tweets he is looking for his son to come home pretty soon.  So as more come available I will update you.

This is Ms. Tra` "That Gem"  Diamonds and Gents updating you on Lil Wayne.  Our prayers are with you. 

Much Love Darlings!!!


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