Dismissed Because I'm Black (Fashion Industry)

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Well, well What's happening Diamonds and Gents? Got talk to y'all about racism in 2013 with a black President.  Crazy huh? Well, I feel the same way.  So model Chanel Iman you may have seen her pics for Forever 21 has encountered racism.  After, the last fashion week with only 5 to 6% of black models in it.  Can you really not believe it?

Ok so Chanel Iman talks about one of many incidents that has happen I'm sure to many but she just was bold enough to speak on it.  Girlfriend went to I guest audition for the part just joking.  Well that's how they treated a sister cause honnee they told her.  We found one of your kind already.  We got a black one.  Baby in 2013 like we don't buy clothes.  Fashion Industry I'm need y'all to get it 2gether boo, boo. 

Because, she is high yellow.  H*ll, back in them slavery days she would be passing I'm just saying.  H*ll y'all better stop it.  Until, I begin to see more chocolate it will be a problem.  Cause' my light skin sister having a problem what about the brown and dark it will be worse.  See now, what y'all think about the fashion industry? Do you think they need to except USA diversity? Or should they stay doing what they're doing because they're able to get away with it? Comment and follow the blog.

Much Love Darlings!!!


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