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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? Today every church in Chicago attendance was up at and all time high.  Like Every Resurrection Sunday.  Not accounting for nothing but, a cute outfit, maybe
even candy.  One thing I thought about is being their is not about me.  It's about the account that I've made before.  And my God all I've done.  He saved me in spite of whom I slept with before marriage.  How I drank the best people under the table? Of whom I've lost, loved and even been.  I am so grateful.  The account that I make is I'm grateful only you can do it LORD! ONLY YOU!

So the account I make is to thank the true KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.  I am grateful.  Jesus I am.  God Bless you!

What account do you make?  Do you see those sins you've committed burned away?  Nail to that cross over 2,000 years ago.

Much Love Darlings!!!


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