Lil Wayne: I'm More than Good

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents?  Yes this IS That Gem here letting you know Lil Wayne is good.  Here is THE video link here thanking all for their prayers: .

All I have to say is I hope lesson has been learned. All yeah also, Please to the people around him support him in getting help.  This was a close call. 

So Diamonds and Gents Do you think this previous hospital visit was drug related?  Do you feel Lil Wayne will be wise enough to get help or do he need help?  Make sure to comment BELOW.....

Don't forget to catch tomorrow's radio show with Andrew Jones former contestant of American Idol.  We will talk how was it to meet Mariah Carey and all you don't want to MISS IT!!!

Much Love Darling MUAH!!!


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