Stevie J and Joseline Getting A Show Nooooooo...

"Listen to Living It Up Saturday September 13th at 1p central time!"

Diamonds and Gents now after the foolishness Stebbie J and Beastsline are getting a show. Seriously, why?  This is the most dysfunctional couple on T.V. .  Now they're being rewarded for bad behavior.

Chile, apparently they're everyone's favorite. After The Beast was released.  Beastaline went after Athia on the reunion. Then, beastsline didn't stop there, went for Tammy. Girlfriend pull Mimi hair dan near off her head. Stebbie was trying to fight longtime friend Benzino. The two tore the set up. And now, they're getting a show. Chile, hide your wife and your kids they beating up on everybody.  Well, I won't be watching. Just like I stop watching Love and Hip Hop, because of the foolery on ATL with the beast.

Well, I wanna hear from you. Will you be tuning in or nah? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!


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