Dr. Laura you didn't learn from dude from Senfield

It has been reported that Dr. Laura Schlessinger start yelling at an African American caller.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a host of a popular radio show.  She is know for indecent remarks, being out spoken and speaking her mind but this time she went to far.  This all start when a young lady by the name of Jade; called her radio show to get advice about her Anglo-Saxon side of the family calling her  the N-Word.  Dr. Laura then proceed to tell her she needs to lighten up.  Begin, to talk about how black comedians use this word very freely and she begins to rant this word over and over again.  Al Sharpton responsed very canted, he was reported saying it is not ok .  For Black or white to use this word it is a word of hate he says.  Now Ms. Tra "That Gem" Blogspot we tell the truth. 

Now, you and I both know that not only was she out of order.   But, she was wrong, wrong wrong!!   There is a time and place for everything.  Jade ask for help.   Not to be attacked even more.  Dr. Laura, you should have helped her with her issue.  You are not a comedian.  You are Doctor.  From this display of immaturity on Tuesday show and your poor apology on Wednesday.  Maybe you need a reality check.  I myself have laughed at comedian like Katt Williams and others that use this word.  But, why they use it I cant defend.  But, what I can defend is they know how it feels for someone to use this word out of hate.  Darling, you dont.  So help with your words. Dr. Laura. 

Lets Increase kindness to others in the things we say.  You never know how much you have hurt or even tear a person down beyond repair.  So next time you feel the need to rant such things to another remember, if it was another saying it out of another heart  you wouldnt like.   Example, the B word ladies you wont like it when a man would say it.   So the same  goes.  Just be careful.  Much Love Darlings!!!!!


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