In the Hurt of American Idol?!

I was very surprise and was gasping for air when I heard the news of Fantasia Barrino.  She attemped suicide due to her resent relationship.  With a Mr. Cook, who was married and lieing about seperation.  This is so ironic his name was Cook.  This fool cooked her nerves to the point she attempted suicide to get away from the mess.  My heart goes out to you sweetie.  To your family in this situation.  I want to say one thing.  Go back to your root.  Dont lose hope.  You are very vaulable in this life.  We love you and hope the best. 

To all young diamonds that are reading this and young gents that are reading this.  You are so worth the fight for your life.  Dont lose hope or lose yourself in anybody you are your own!!!!   Much Love Darling!!!!!


  1. Well it was reported that when she got out of the hospital Wednesday she hooked up with Mr. Cook. He didnt cook her nerves that much.

  2. Are you serious? Wow!!! Well sometimes you can tie yourself into the wrong one. But, this young lady (Fantasia) has been through alot with the men in her life not making excuses. Just saying sometimes these things can lead to emotional rollcoasters of repeating the same cycles. But she is strong and I beleive she can break it te cycle. I just hope she get away from the guy.

  3. I guess you are right. But, I feel woman ought to stand up for themselves. Stop settling! Once, she found out he was married she should have stop the relationship. We only do what woman allow us to do real talk. But, I like this little thing ya doing to little mama congrats hope the best to ya.

  4. @ Curtis You right. PPL will only do what you allow. But, in the same token Fantasia loyality is not to her. He should have been loyal in his own marriage simple. She is sueing Fantasia she needs to be sueing Mr. Cook her own husband.

  5. To both Curtis my gent you are right. To katt my diamond you are right. But, let us not forget Mrs. Cook is the vitcim in this situation and yes should be sueing that no good husband of hers but that is a whole different blog in itself there. Why do woman or even man always mad at the other person instead of the one that there with I never understood that. But thx for your feed back and you can always become a follower and take the survey at the end of this blog page thx darlings!!!!


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