Black Women, Black People and Workplace Woes

Written by: Ms. Tra` “That Gem”

What’s going on Diamonds and my DiamondStatus Gents!?! Well I have been seeing this article going around Facebook about people leaving the work place due to it being a toxic environment.  Not so much because of their co-workers, but it’s upper management that can make it seem pretty toxic.  I can agree, I have been there before.  And trust it is a very hard place to be.  Now the current company I work for is great!  However, I got a call the other day that implied that I didn’t want to be known as “that girl”.

Well, even though I’m known for being thorough, they’re response was “No, just do it.”  Meaning do whatever is asked without question. Have their behind even if it’s wrong. So basically, I’m just supposed to trust that.  I can’t! Sorry, I have found that is never the case.  I really feel like in 2019 going into 2020 why is it that black men and women have to prove they're not angry? I notice companies are doing diversity training.  But, no one wants to include blacks in this.  We aren’t angry!  We are not loud!  We are passionate people who have to move different.  It’s called a Black Tax.  We can’t get away with what our other counterparts get away with in the work place.  We have to double check and triple check what we do.  It’s just what it is.

If I ask a question I need clarity.  And men- especially Caucasian men- Stop mansplaining us!  That is so annoying.  Being a woman in the world is already hard, because we don’t get paid as much as you.  Now, you want to add insult to injury by mansplaining me?  No sir!  If you don’t want anyone to ask you a question, then please don’t be in a management position.  And black and brown men listen to your employees.  Trust me, we as women know how to avoid your headache. Hey we see you can potentially have one coming if you make the wrong move.  So y’all listen up.  Stop cutting us off before we can get the thought out. 
Please don’t imply that it’s emotions. That is annoying as hell, too!  No I couldn't care less about emotion when it comes to my money and business.  I am a Type A personality, meaning straight forward shoot from the hip.  Don’t have time to merry go round you.  Let’s take care of this business.  It’s time for some diversity training.  Everyone needs to be empathic to all genders and nationalities that you work with.  If we don’t we are defeated. 
I am not that girl.  But, I am that woman, that will check twice and ask questions. No I am not following you blindly.  Sorry, not sorry.  Trust is earned, not simply demanded.  So gain your team’s trust before you demand something out of the ordinary. Companies, get some diversity training and include Black people in the planning! We are passionate people.  Period!  It’s 2019 we shouldn’t have to keep saying that we are here and we’re not going anywhere. 
Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!”


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