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Dear Tra,

What's happening ma? I been going through a thang about whether I should even reach out to you about this.  I found out 2 months ago my lady has herpes.  This chick has had it for 5 years now and I been with her 8 months now.  It started when I haven't had sex with her for almost a month.  I'm that dude.  You ain't f*ckin I ain't staying.  So she told me to sit down.  I told her quit with the drama.  She get to talking.  Telling me she has a incurable disease.  Hell I'm thinking she was about to say AIDS.  All I saw was red I was about to kill shorty.  Then she said she got herpes.  Oh girl then said she has had it 5 years.  Telling me how stressed out she been lately and how this outbreak was so bad she didn't want to have sex and risk me getting it.  I ain't gonna lie I start laughing in her face.  I didn't believe.  That this type sh*t you see on TV.  So anyway I care about her a little.  But, I don't want herpes.  I'm thinking about dumping shorty. For real I ain't talk to her in a month.  I want to hear yo' opinion how should I do it.  Like I said I do care about shorty a little.

Signed, Dumping the herpes infested chick (I changed the b word).

Dear Dumping the herpes infested chick,

Chile, you cut throat aint you.  She went from being your lady to chick as soon as you founded out she had herpes.  All I have to say is she cared enough to tell you and not have sex with you.  I hope you got tested and have protective sex.

But, for real you have to handle that like a man and for starters if you are mad she didn't share with you sooner what the real deal was tell her that.  Also, you care about her a little? Really? No you care about shorty as you call her a lot.  That is why you took the time to write this.  Cause trust men just don't do that.  Baby girl crush you with truth for your A.  Now, you homeboy pissed off.  So tell her.  Limit the name calling if you can but, hell tell her she pissed you off should've given you options by telling you she had herpes.  Also, there are safe alternatives when dealing with a woman with herpes.  But, bro. I hope you deal with that lust thing you got going on. 

If a woman ain't screwing you leaving line.  A man is not controlled by his flesh just a fyi.  Boys are.

Hope you tell how you feel for real and leave the relationship with dignity.

Much Love Darling!!!

Comment below and let my man know what you think he should do.  Thx!!!

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