U.S. CEO being Held Captive in his factory in China

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Diamonds and Gents Chip Starnes C.E.O. of a pharmaceutical factory in China has been held captive since Friday.  Well, this has come on because he has fired 35 workers with severance pay.  Took most of his business to India because of China increase in wages.

The factory workers got word that the factory was about to close.  He went for a walk through that now look like a hostage situation.  Chip Starnes says he reached out to the local government they have not stepped in.  He even yelled out the window his shear disappoint for the government not stepping in.

Well needless to say the American Embassy there is trying to work something out.  Along with Mr. Starnes lawyers with the factory workers.  As of yet there hasn't been a deal.

All I have to say is serve you right.  You can't get something for nothing.  You all have taken the jobs from the American people and put them overseas.  In the long run to save a dollar.  In the process of saving money you all are hindering the economy.  I say American Embassy take your time.  This needs to be an example for you all.  That are so quick to run overseas to work them poor people for a little bit of change while you make millions.

What do you think?  Do you feel the China government should step in?  Or do you feel they should stand behind there citizens? Let me know.

Much Love Darling!!!

Source: NBC.COM


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