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Flavor Flav is Getting Evicted Chick no more......

"Catch Erotica author Sat. on Living It Up 1:30pct"

Diamonds and Gents Flavor Flav Michigan chicken shack ain't paid a lick of rent.  Chile, this man has opened up several chicken shacks since 2011.  All have been close cause somehow he don't believe in paying rent.  Now, come on Flav I know the chicken sailing what the hellz is going on over there.

Well, last of the Mohican's the shack in Michigan he opened in December 2012 has been closed.  Not because of health violations Naw.  Close for not paying rent Flav you need a good old fashion beat down you got the homies running it into the ground.

Now, they allege he owes get this $25,000 dollars late fees, mortgage and damage.  Now, Flav was asked for a statement he said, "I had no idea the restaurant was in trouble. But the rapper insists, "I'm gonna figure out what's going on and get to the bottom of this ASAP!"

Flav you needed yo' butt kick you don't know you being sued. Naw boo.  Can't hire the homies to run the business.  I know you want to help.  But, they will help you right into the poor house.

What y'all think?  Comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TMZ



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