BET will be stepping back into Reality Tv That is......

"Don't Forget tonight power call 7:25p ct (605)477-3000 access code 301107# BE EMPOWERED"

Diamonds and Gents I guess BET is tired of everyone making that reality TV money.  So they will be coming out with a unscripted show themselves. " The Hip Hop Sisters."

Now this will feature MC Lyte, Lil Mama, YoYo, Smooth,  Monie Love and Lady Rage.  Now it will be depicting the lives of these ladies trying to regain there hip hop queen crown.  It will follow there careers to getting back on top.  Lil Mama is currently being mentored by MC Lyte.  It will follow there family lives and even there steps to taking hip hop on again.

MC Lyte also let it be known, this will not be a fight fist feast.  This will be about uplifting another sister our struggles and rises.

All I have say is kudos to you all.  I am looking forward to this show. 

Don't forget to be looking out for this show on BET Check local listings.

Much Love Darlings!!!


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