Lil 'KIM Black Friday

"I OUGHTA CLAIM U ON MY TAXES" – My girl Lil 'Kim is a beast. Now you cant take the fact she lyrist away from her you bad on that front. I totally understand why LIL'KIM IS PEED~OFF. She ain't a hater how yall tried to protray her as being mamacita is real as they come. HIP-HOP BEEFS ain't a thing of the past so she going in NICKI GOT 1 OR 2 CHOICES GO BACK IN OR STAY A BARBIE AND LEAVE IT ALONE. At the end of the day thats the business. LIL' KIM THIS A OFFICIAL APOLOGY MA. I heard your point of view. This all steam from disrespect that didn't come out your mouth or NICKI MINAJ mouth intially so you handle it with lyrics let it go. ALSO, ON THISIS50.COM. You handle IT REAL. TO DIDDY YES US BLOGGERS KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST WE ALL ARE NOT PUTTING GARBAGE OUT GOOGLE ME BOO BOO. NOTHING FAKE HERE NOW RUN TELL THAT BBC. MUCH LOVE DARLING!!


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