Logmein123.com Is A Scam!!!

Well, you not going to believe it! Chile they tried to get me. These group of hackers been posing for a year now as tech support for adobe and microsoft. These devils even got a nerve to have a 1 877 number. Its on my fb page click on that badge. They are registered with godaddy.com. If a woman or man call you with a heavy Indian accent saying they want to take your computer over they are lieing dont let them do a system check beware this is a scam! I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM!!! Taking advantage of people don't make me come find yall. Ol' buzzers. So don't do it. Then when he found out I had firewall literally ask me to google him it came up scam to the 25thpower darling! Don't trust nobody information but your own understand! Much Love Darling!


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