Record Sales for this Week Baby, Baby!

Well, diamonds & Gents I have this week record sales! And(In my Madea voice) Little news. On, to the record sales first. Now, darling Micheal Jackson still is the man. King of Pop you will be missed. His is 155k. Go head. Ok; for Ray Charles look a like. You played the stank out that part Jamie Foxx. Lol. But, anywho record sales for him is 144k. Do it, Do it! For all those that like ppl that have or sound like that got mutiple personalities when they rap. Nicki Minaj record sales are 133k. Congrats to your Friday just wasn't pink had a little green add to it. How do u do that? Anywho, I know Frankie & Effie was getting there celebration on Darlings! Keyshia Cole record sales is 128k. DO YOUR THANG? It's the new Keyshia! AND, To the one everybody should know. Or should I say her coo-coo that is. I'm not talking about a baby bird . Keri Hilson record sales are 102k. Now next time u think everyone should know u that personally consider this a memo. Ms. Tra' "That Gem" don't. Alright, for the news I will be doing my first video for utube. Friday, it should be up No later then the same night or Sat. morning. Diamonds I'm letting the gents take OVER SAT. Radio show. You don't want to miss it. Go to from 3:30pm til 4pm ct. You can call in at (424) 675-8225. Thx for your support. Much Love Darlings!!!


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