Breaking News: Solange Knowles Attacks Jay-Z in Elevator

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Diamonds and Gents this is mess.  So I was reading US Magazine blog and ran across this footage.  That's right your girl Solange acting a plum fool.  Chile, look carefully Bey is in the elevator and grab that heifer up.  Sister or no sister keep your hands and feet to yourself.  Don't be kicking my husband.

But, eventually the security guard grabs the disgruntled Solange up.  Miss Girl still trying to kick your boy.  See the footage right here:

What you think? Is Solange right or wrong? Should Bey had've defended her husband? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Source: US Magazine


  1. I think Beyonce should have interviened to keep her sister from possibly getting punched. That was messed up. Solanged looks a lil high off something about the eyes o boy, us folks be doing the

  2. Solange whuppin on Jay. Beyonce chillin. Problem! Why would you let anyone, family or not attack your spouse? Smh!

    1. That's all I'm saying. She in the cut like it's sweet.


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