South Shore area Activist Young Leaders Alliance is Tired of the Violence

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Diamonds and Gents I joined community leaders in the south shore area for an Rally!   They were rallying against violence and murder.  There were community activist National President Jedidiah Brown and Vice President Anthony Evans of Chicago's YLA East side chapter in attendance.  There were religious leaders  in attendance as well Chicago's own Apostle David Rodgers and so many others.  They were speaking up against the violence in the community.  Community Motorcycle clubs and Social Clubs were also in attendance.

The Rally started on 71st street in Jeffery.  The Chicago Police were there and so was ABC 7.  Various leaders and local poets spoke out against violence.  They helped us and the community become aware of: what we are doing to ourselves.  The killing of our children must stop.  This rang out the whole Rally. It was so intense that,  in some photos you will see a casket.  It was there to make a bold statement.  The statement was we are tired of burying our sons and daughters.  Needless to say while we were out there.  There was another shooting that took place a few blocks away.  So we marched around there in prayer and unity.  Letting the community know we won't stand for this anymore.

Chicago south east side will you please stand up.  In two Tuesdays from now they will be back.  So please join Young Leaders Alliance as they Rally for peace.  You all have #teamthatgem full support!

What do you think?  What more can we do besides marching?  Leave your comments down below.

Have Joy. Love and be EMPOWERED!


  1. Tell them to knock on them doors. Talk to those parents and local men. Let them know what you are doing. So they can be educated to educate there children. Love it New York see you That Gem.


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