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Shots Fired: Shonda Rhimes shots back at Deadline

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Diamonds and Gents Deadline broke a story about Columbus Short being replaced.  That's right Deadline reported that 'Scandal' was replacing Short with a Eric West.  Needless to say Shonda Rhimes clapped back quickly.  She let it be known on Twitter that there was no truth to these allegations. Well, Short got fired off of the popular show.  Needless to say he had to much scandal in his regular life.  For a life of acting in 'Scandal'.

Well, after Shonda Rhimes tweeted, Deadline recanted there story.  Saying it was all a big hoax.  Chile, what a mess check out what Shonda Rhimes tweeted.

She tweet:

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!!!!

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