Oprah speaks out on Sexism and Racial profiling after Being in Zurich

"I still need extras for my play Aug. 31st.  Will get the info to you SOON!"
Diamonds and Gents that's ashame when one of the richest billionaires in the world is told she can't afford something.  Well, y'all Oprah was in Zurich and she was shopping at local boutiques.  So she goes into the boutique that has the bag that was design for Jennifer Aniston it is $38,000 dollars. Any who, she then spots it over the sales associate head.  Ask her to bring that bag out the cabinet so she can purchase it.  Needless to say the sale associate refused to show her the bag and Oprah left out the store.
Now, Oprah begin to talk about being racially profiled still in this day and age.  How being in Oprah Show clothes with some Donna Karen on can she not know who she was?  Now maybe the show don't play in Zurich.  But, let's not get it twisted it.  When people make a certain kind of money deal in boardrooms run companies there is a demeanor their that screams money.  I am one from coming out of sales background whatever color or gender, I knew when people would just be jerking me around.  Or if I was going to make that money honey.  So point blank period she was racially profiled.
So the sales associate manager spoke out against Oprah Winfrey accusation's.  She said that the sales associate doesn't speak English well.  So that's why she couldn't understand Oprah.  Do you believe that comment down below.
Ms. Oprah Winfrey let's us know she sit in boardrooms where when they see her the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Sometimes, it's because she is the only women in the room.  So they look at as if  why is she even here and have a sit.  Or because she is African American and there is no one in a 100 mile radius with her skin color. 
I guess the higher you climb up the ladder the more issues you face.  But, to that sales associate poor baby you lost a good one there.
Let me know what you think down below.
Much Love Darlings!!!


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