Reality TV Shantee's Way BBWives S5 Ep.1

The drama unfolds with the breakup of Evelyn and Chad. This is one episode I think everyone should watch because this has happened to a lot of relationships at one time or another. Well the situation that occurred was Chad and Evelyn was not together that long before they decided to have children and get married(you know do the family thing). Two months into the marriage Evelyn had a suspicion that her hubby was being unfaithful because she found receipts for condom purchases(emphases on  pur-chase-es  cause she found several). So while driving one night with him she decides to talk to him about it and the conversation got heated, then escalated to arguing and ending up with thing getting physical . Police was called, Chad gets arrested, Evelyn goes to the hospital and later files for divorce. Now I'm not really understanding why she didn't see this coming because last season she heard rumors about him "smashing" other females while he was on the road. After talking to him about it Evelyn said to let her know about the THOT's and to use condoms.  He did just that and it ended up that way. Well I'm a firm believer SAY
WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!  At this point she sits down to talk the media, her family and friends.

By all means no one deserves to be cheated on nor get hands layed on them  (well not in that way) but there are two sides to every story. We all have take responsibility for our own actions. We can't say "say you did this and you did that" and can't see what role you played in the situation.

The show ended on a good note with getting advice from her friends. Tammy and Shaunie gave her some very good advice by telling her that all relationships are not perfect.  Furthermore, being married is a little bit harder and if she really love him get counseling and work on the marriage. While others just added fuel to the fire and said "I wouldn't take that from him if I was you."  Then others said like her daughter "We didn't like him anyway". Season 5 is  just getting started and lets see whats gonna happen next episode. 
This is Reality Shantee's Way signing off til Next episode.  Let me know down below what other shows you would like me to blog about.


  1. I honestly feel like Evelyn knew deep down inside that Chad wasn't the one for her. I believe that after she got on Jennifer and anybody else who had something to say about Chad, she felt like she had to prove a point to everybody! But in the end, she had to save her image because you can tell that deep down inside, she wanted to still be with Chad. I gurantee if she was some average chick who didn't have a name for herself, she wouldn't have divorced Chad.


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