OMG Bishop Say it aint so!!!

Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly has been with 3 young man.  They range from 19-21.  It has been reported, that the young men have been involve with the Bishop sexual and even took trips with the Bishop.  These trips were masked as mentor retreats and other various ways. 

I will bring you more as more come up.  But, what I can say is if this is true accept what you have done and do what as it takes to repent and get right before God.  Take your punishment and step down as pastor.  Much Love Darlings!!!


  1. Update!!! One of the three young men came forward with a statement. He stated how the bishop manipulated him with the word. Took him on trips. He said, he couldn't stay silent. The look and what he said made me realize. I not only believe it. But, will be praying for the young men and the bishop. When you ever been molested you know the sound and the look. That young man had the sound and look. He also, said he forgive him. That is awesome.


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