Dancing With the Stars Winner

"Enjoy Thanksgiving with me.  I will be doing a celeb dish  vid 4 thanksgiving checkout GemSpotTV!"

Diamonds and Gents I am so excited to announce this winner because girlfriend danced her behind off.  Season 17 winner is drum roll please...  Ms. Amber Riley.  Oh yes from the beginning of this contest.  Ms. Riley has been given you fever.

She has execute her moves with ease.  Oh yeah and Ms. Lady is a curvy girl all while doing it.  You go head Ms. Riley.  All I have to say is go girl.  Me being a size 10/12 I was and still is thick.  And to see her do that with ease you go head.

So needless to say #teamthatgem is so proud of you boo.

Congratulate her down below.

Much Love Darlings!!! 


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