Gucci Mane Give that Glock up!

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Diamonds and Gents Gucci Mane is in the news again.  But, this time Uncle Sam want that Glock and that Taurus.  So everyone know about his previous run ins with the law.  Due to that they want his guns. 
 According to a federal indictment, the government wants Mane to surrender his 2 guns, a 40 caliber Glock and a 45 caliber Taurus.  They also want the ammo that goes with it.  DAG!  What can he do with the ammo without the guns? Just Saying.
I don't know but, I think that's fair.  Just that will open my man up.  He need to get security that has license to shot a nig on site ya feel me. 
What ya think?  Comment down below.
Much Love Darlings!!!
Source: TMZ


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