Flo Rida Getting sued for Child Support

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Diamonds and Gents so oh yes we have another one but this time they are being sued for there child support before the baby gets here.  Flo Rida is being accused of getting a video vixen Natasha Williams pregnant.  She hasn't even given birth yet.  This is crazy wierd well they are saying she is suing for good fortune child support (In Florida if you get pregnant by a rich person you can sue for good fortune child support).  Because, after all she has hit the jack pot.

Ms.  Lady saying she need help with pre-natal assistance and other pregnancy related expenses. She also wants daycare expenses, insurance and other things you get when you get preggers by a rich dude.

Chile, a mess.

What ya think?  Diamonds and Gents comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!! 


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