No Beyonce wasn't Naked in Serbian concert

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Yes honnee Diamonds and Gents the people thought Ms. Bey was naked.  Beyoncé kicked off her Mrs. Carter Tour Monday in Serbia.  And girly had the nipples golden.  Now, a lot of people were so outraged talking crazy.  She is mama she shouldn't this or that.  Chile, have y'all taken note.  Beyoncé has always brought the sexy when it comes to her performance get- up.  So check out if you don't believe me.  But for now I got the costume here...

It's just funny to me how people always quick to say she is a mother.  Girly is a performer.  Madonna walked around with tassels for years no one mention she was a mom. 
All I have to say is Beyoncé better thank Blue Ivy because my darling didn't have no tits and now look she had to put a lil gold on the nipple because even she can't believe it.
Wow, is this going to far for Beyoncé? Or is she a entertainer? What's your thoughts comment down below.
Much Love Darlings!!!


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