NeNe Leakes got a Raise In the sum of a MIL......

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Chile, Diamonds and Gents listen.  Nene Leakes is in the money.  Yes honnee Bravo is making her the highest paid Housewife since they started the Franchise.  Oh yeah with bonuses and salary Ms. Girl is rich.  With a current net worth of 4.5 million dollars.  She is Hollywood bound and ready.  You go Ms. Leakes!

You have to really give props where props is due.  Girly made her 5 mins of fame really work for her.  Took that 5 and made it 4.5 soon to be 5.5 million.  Go head, go head!

Do you all think she is the FAVORITE?  How would you feel as a housewife?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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