What's your crazy habit or obession???? (My Crazy Obession TLC)

"Check out GEM Spot TV on http://www.youtube.com/MsTraThatgem RIGHT NOW!!!"

So Diamonds and Gents TLC is at it again.  Trying to make ya watch 1st strange addiction now My Crazy Obsession.  They got doll lovers, blow up doll lovers, collectors but they have lost straight touch with reality.

Now I have a weird habit oh yes I do.  To calm my never I rub on my couch, on my pants and even my pocket.  It keeps me calm.  Don't judge me LOL. But, obsession I can't think of one.

Make sure to check your local listings.

Anyhow, will you tune in to this show?  What's your crazy habit and or obsession let me know?  Comment down BELOW.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Picture is property of tlc.com and not mstra-thatgem.com and all rights reserve to TLC


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