Rumors fly Around About RIRI (Rihanna) Being Preggers

"Catch Living It Up on Saturday at 1:30pmcst"

Yes Diamonds and Gents the Tabloids are speculating.  Aw let's not forget TMZ is trying to get to the bottom of it as well. It has been reported that Rihanna canceled several dates of her Diamond World Tour.  Now, although she said it is due to a month long throat infection. Poor boo, boo. 

TMZ spotted Ms. RIRI coming out of a doc's office or med building in Beverly Hills yesterday.  They just wanted to  know HONNEE.  Well they asked  how she was feeling.  She responded" by saying better."   But check out the vid footage :

I can't see a baby bump.  So I'm count that has a rumor until proven otherwise.

Much Love Darlings!!!


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