Don't ask me about Lil Wayne Other Baby Mama's! (Lauren London)

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Well Yes Diamonds and Gents Lauren London said don't ask her no more dag gum questions about Lil Wayne other baby mama's. Lauren London is on the cover of JET Mag.  She is giving them the truth.  Got Much respect for Ms. London after this interview.

Well, it seems every interview somehow people always work a question in about Lil Wayne and his other Baby mama's in and Ms. London said alright now that's it.  In her words" We get alone.  Me and Lil Wayne co-parent just fine.  People stop making a bigger deal out of it then what it is."

The star actress has landed a leading role in BET's The Game and is doing well.  She is a great mom.  That doesn't mind her son knowing his siblings.  She even mention how she is a ride or die kind of chick.  If she don't like ya guess what she don't mess with ya.

Go Ms. London way to speak up Girl.

You can catch Lauren London on BET's The Game on Tuesday 10/9c.  Or check your local listings.

What ya think?  Is good for her that she finally stop the media frenzy?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: Jet Mag


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