Naw Lord They about to Evict Lauryn Hill.....

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Diamonds and Gents you read right her landlord is about evict her.  The former Fugee star and That Thing, That THING star is about to be out on the streets if she don't pay up.  Well, Ms. Lauryn Hill has been a resident in her mansion (South Orange, N.J.) since 2009.

Wait so last month for some reason Ms. Hill say hell naw I ain't paying no rent.  That's right, so her landlord took her to court and is asking for his money.  Or for her to leave the premises.

Lauryn Hill has had her fare share of court she also, was just in court for not paying taxes from 2005-2007.  She plead guilty but instead of doing the three years in jail.  She decide to do probation to pay off the whopping sum of 1.6 mil.  She owes the IRS.

Man where your celeb rich friends when you need them.  Y'all hold a benefit for your girl.  She need some help.  Even the church folk come together in a person's time of need.  I'm Just Saying.  Remember, she got chiren.  Baby girl need some help.  So Help a sistah out.

Well, I hope all work out for my Diamond sistah!

Much Love Darlings!!!


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