My new Diamond SISTAH Kim Coles!!! (Love Her)

"Catch Radio Show Every Saturday on at 1:30pct"

Diamonds and Gents I met the beautiful actress, comedienne and author Ms. Kim Coles.  She is so beautiful and super down to earth funny.  Now she is funnier then me LOL.  We talk for hot second but it was amazing.  She ask me my name I had to let her know I'm Ms. Tra " That Gem" I'm a Diamond and she sang "Shine bright like Diamond"!  Kim Coles said I like that! Yay, Yay LOL.

Wrote down when I was 10 years old I will get a chance to meet her.  Other comedians are on the list.  Ever sense I knew I was called to make people laugh and empower people I've been doing that where ever I go.  I said, once I meet her I knew God was letting me know; It's my time NOW.  I'm telling y'all I'm in tears I feel closer to my destiny.  It's so close I can taste it. Hell start sniffing I can even smell it.  I smell ya boo.

And lo' and behold she was talking about this very thing.  Knowing your destiny.  I bought her book and oh yes I will be doing the 30 day gratitude  journal.  She is everything, I thought she would be.  Trust me.  She was sipping her some water.  Y'all know me I had to crack lil joke cause that's just what I do she laugh and repeated it.  She said, girl you said gon' sip on that water.  I told her how much I loved her and how encouraging she is and she was like woo-woo Just me adding that one LOL. 

But, anyhow she will be on the radio show soon.  I'm hoping when she comes back to Chicago I'll have her on Gem Spot TV AS WELL!!!!  But any who, get her new book.  It's great Diamonds and Gents and follow her on twitter

Who is the person you always wanted to meet?  When you met them did you feel closer to what it is God created you to do?

Diamonds you are the toughest material on the Earth ladies and there's none like you.  Gents you are no longer boys when ya read this to all my Darlings I appreciate cha! MUAH!

Much Love Darlings!!!


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