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Wake Up My Black Diamond sistah's.... (That Gem's Corner)

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Well, Diamonds I just saw something that disturb me.  The pic you see is of a woman that was on display by European's as nothing more then a  circus act, sex act and even prostitute.  Wow, what she had to be subjected to and even used for til death and even beyond for 200 years is crazy.  They had this woman's sexual parts on display in a museum like she wasn't nothing til 1985. 

What amazes me is we went from fighting for our freedom, being bought and sold as cattle.  To being the best twerkers or A shakers in the world.  My how we have falling my Black Diamond Sistah's.  We went from being call the salt of the Earth and queens.  To being called B's and Hoe's.  We went from being Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ida B Wells and even Cleopatra.  To being Video Vixens, strippers, drug addicts and even Rappers with our A out.  Getting bought and sold to the highest bidder.  Until we are still being sold for Bentley's , Maserati and Maybach.  The biggest mansion and house money can buy.  I don't understand.  We are falling and we have no way to see better.

We are not the people that will fight anymore.  For rights equality and civil movements.  We are not those that say I'm more then my hips and thighs.  Sexual presences, Positions, Gucci, Louie  and Prada.  Wake up stop calling yourselves B's and Hoe's.  Stop allowing yourself to be bought and sold for a buck .50.  Stand up and claim your Queen ship back.  Because if you don't we will have a generation of young women more wicked then any other before us. 

I'm say this we need our Gents to raise better Daughters, nieces, girls into women.  Without Fathers this is what we get.  When true Father's are present women won't be put on display.  Because, a man ain't having it period.  We need our Gents to STAND UP and take your place we need you.  Your daughters, nieces and generation Y needs you.

Wow this young lady on youtube put it best listen:

What can we do to improve the state of our young women?  How can we raise better daughters and nieces?

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Much Love Darlings!!!



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