Kim K. Can Now Celebrate her Divorce

"Catch Living It Up Today on at 1:30pmcst"

Yes Diamonds and Gents Kim K. and Kris Humphries are finally DIVORECED!

Now, Kanye are you going to make a West out of Kim K.  LOL 

Any who, Kris will not be getting any of the 7 mil.  he was asking for.  Also, he will not be receiving a fine for his M.I.A. he pulled.   You won't believe Kim K. was the one that ask the Judge not to fine Kris for his no show to court before. 

They each will pay there own attorney's fees.  Kim K. you are FREE!  Aw yeah divorce not annulled due to fraud.  Kris had no comment he said the Brooklyn Nets are playoff so he has practice.  He can now put this behind him.

What you think?  Did he give up because he pity her being preggers?  Or was he hoping to get that chop, chop cheddar change?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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