LisaRaye Set to Star in Monica as a STRIPPER????

"Guest Hip Hop Artist Supreme on Living It Up 2moro"

Diamonds and Gents I was looking at S2S Mag May 2013 issue.  I was surprise to see LisaRaye set to start in new film Monica as a Stripper.  Now, now I know y'all like she was Diamond.  But, she just has accomplish so much so taking that role seems odd to me.  Aw in the pic is Carmen Electra and K.D. Aubert.

Ok Former 1st lady, Single Ladies star, a few movies under her belt and the list is still climbing.  Now, she got so upset at the guy In The Real McCoy (Former Reality show) for having a butt shot of her on his front cover.  So in order to be a stripper in a movie you got to strip.

Now, I'm not down playing anyone's profession.  But, don't get mad about your booty shot.  Then 
play a stripper.  Makes no sense to me. I honestly love me some LisaRaye because, she is from Chi-Town and she took nothing and made it something you got respect that.  But, I don't know were you channeling your Diamond days LOL(just kidding).

Well, her and Stacey Dash will be reuniting in this film.  The film is set to come out the end of the year.

What you think?  Comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: S2S Mag

1st Photo courtesy of Datari Turner Producions, 2nd Photo courtesy of Monica Film LLC


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