So Lil Scrappy didn't want to PEE.....

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Honnee see now you know..   Ok Diamonds and Gents Lil Scrappy about to go to jail.  Well, there was a warrant issued for his arrest.  Because, my man didn't submit a urine test in ATL. 

Any who, The urine test is part of his 2008 probation for going to jail for marijuana possession.  Chile according to TMZ Lil Scrappy gave them some cold pee chileeeee.  And didn't want to pee again.  When the official ask my man to try that again.

LOL because he refuse they put my man behind them bars.  Mr. Daryl Richardson is asking for this issue to be handle by his lawyer in front of judge.  Lil Scrappy out now.  But, is schedule to appear in front of judge.  Officials is hoping his revocation warrant be re-issued. 

Lil Scrappy tell me you wasn't trying to pass off somebody pee for yours.  Say it ain't so SCRAP, SCRAP. 

What y'all think was he or wasn't he? 

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TMZ



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