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This How We DO IT!!!

So its time for my celeb weigh in!!! 

Music; right now I'm loving that cute song Ms. Willow Smith Got out "Whip My Hair".  Now Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith I'm need y'all to tell that baby to grow the sides of her hair back.   She a little girl lol.  But, I'm loving that song.  It fits her.  Not to grown for her  age.   That's what's up!!!

Now, y'all know Tina Knowles was on Ellen DeGeneres and put y'all right together darling! Her daughter Beyonce is not pregnant.  After, y'all have announced on t.v. and radio.  Check your source and the feet (they don't look like two pigs wrapped up in a blanket she ain't pregnant).  Speaking of babies CONGRATS 2 CRUCIAL KEYS-BEATS  On her little boy last Sunday.  I am so happy for You Alicia Keys-Beats lol.  Love you!!!!  Speaking of marriage Katy Perry went from kissing a girl and liking it to being all over the tabloids about her sweet wedding tweet to her BO Russell Brand's. I guess you didn't like it that much!?!  Yeah anyway speaking of dancing and receptions Ya ll been watching dancing with the stars I am impress with Ms Brandy or should I say Bran-Nu.  She doing pretty OK .  You go girl check her out on ABC 7.  VOTE!!!  LOL!!!

On Hollywood, Actor Matt Damon and his wife welcome a baby girl into this world.  Hey you go boy!!!  Now, Mel Gibson, Mel Gibson Darling, Darling!!!  They won't even let you on the set of Hangover 2.  Poor Mel they bogus that made you think you had a job.  Then, you come to work only to find they have put the deuces up on you lol. 

Reality T.V.  If one more real housewives franchise come up I'M SCREAM!!!  1ST Get one 2gether to get along.  The real housewives of Atlanta fighting now Miami.  I'm need y'all to get it together BRAVO.  Before, you do another one fix the 1st 30 lol.  Now Jersey Shore Vinny want to be an actor.  Girl, do you want to live reality or fiction.  Girl you need to miss me with that one.  Now, Sister Wives.  If you are not familiar with this show.  It is man who is having his cake and pie and eating both  the same time.   Oh Wow!!!  ANYWAY BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND  THEY WILL BE BACK 4 ANOTHER SEASON STOP IT!!!!  It's hard for my hubby to deal with one me.  Now you telling me 3 others or more and kids to.  Not possible.    To these wives, Stop being manipulated get some freedom and move on.  Now, children are being raise to think this is right.  NO,NO, AND NO!!!

Well, my final thoughts!  Check out MS. WILLOW good beat to rock to.  Beyonce ain't pregnant get over it.  Poor Mel  fired on your day off boo, boo.  Bravo come out with one more real housewives and you going to see this housewife lmbo.  Dude, marriage is between one man and one woman get yourself  2gether!!  Much Love Darlings!!!!


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