Movie "Only One Way Out" Review

"Red Carpet Premiere Loved it Check it out from Jan 20-23rd."

Octavio Lopez, Director                             Ruby Perez, Screen Play

I would like to say one thing before I start the review.  This is a shout to N-Gel Rodriguez I'm singing " You keep on running don't stop, don't stop your dreams".  Love it!!! (You can catch him singing it on the Gem Spot TV.)

I absolutely loved the music from the film.  With soft rock, hip-hop and even touches of reggaton of course with its Latino twist.  Now, if you don't know now ya' do.  I rate movies by giving it 1 to 5 gems I give this film 4 gems for drama and humor.  Two words simply hilarious, Pablo you did your thing.  Whats a movie without a traitor?

The movie takes place in my city that's right Chicago baby.  Any who, A young man (David played by Richard Fernandez)  moves from Florida to Chicago's Northside.  Moves in with his cousin(Rody"Bass"Fernandez).  And, my goodness don't he get a rude awakening.  THESE STREETS ARE MEAN, BABY!  But, in the mist of gangs and violence he finds his way.  Through salsa dancing, (Urban Vibe Dance Company).  Not only did he find his way but he founded his only one through Sylvia (Blanca Aviles).  Baby girl was a Jackie Chan kicking, dancing fire cracker baby.   I absolutely loved it!!!!!!

David faith in dancing and life gets tested when Sylvia is hit with tragedy. I don't want to give the movie away.  So I won't say; to much more but, get the Dvd or if you don't have anything plan for this weekend.  Go see it!

Whats a movie without a Napoleon?  Sergio aka Lil Smokey yo' little tail was a pain in David butt.  LOL!  If you gonna have a gangster movie you gotta have one that is willing to talk to they self,  LOL (Rody "Bass" Fernandez).  And, one that's a traitor sorry Pablo, lol!  Let's not forget Jackie Chan Little sister,  Sylvia, lol!!! 

But, all and all.  This movie makes you laugh, cry and even think.  So Check Status TV out.  Go to  Diamonds and Gents when this movie premiere's you bettah get that!!!!  Trust!  Also, Check out Gem Spot TV on  For the actual Red Carpet Premiere.  You can still see the moive at The Chicago Theatre go to for your tickets.  Much Love Darlings!!!


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