Naw Not Mama Bird!!!


Mother Nature what's going on baby!  Its been reported that over 2,000 birds have been found died in Arkansas.  Little blackbirds found died.  On Sat. morning.  To top it off 100,000 fish as been found died too.  Now wait a min Jesus.  Huh?  If you believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Is-ra-el!!  You better go spread the word.  Because, baby!  Sho' ain't a joke.  Then, what's funny is in superstition side to it these little blackbirds were held as those with otherworldly powers.  I guess he had to take out the superstitions first.

So, you know people all scared.  Talking about staying in there house.  And wearing gas mask, child.  Well honestly you won't know the day nor the hour.  He only coming for remnant to fight anyway.  I read one talking about she ready tonight lol.  Girl, get a grip.  It's OK baby.  You can go outside. It Just killed your mama bird you gonna be alright. 

In other reports, they say it could have been the lightening during an storm.  Or even the atmosphere.  So what in so ever it is.  No Fear Here Baby!  Just yo; mama bird boo, boo.  Its OK.  What is so funny is?  The fish wasn't even discuss as much as the birds, and it was more why is that?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Just letting you know some old things in that region had to past away so the new can be arisen.  THANK YA!  So it's good girl go yo' butt to the store and get yourself a sandmich'!  LOL!! 

I will be writing a blog tomorrow still on Tough Love by:Dr. Kamilaih Stevenson.  Diamonds & Gents Much Love Darlings!!!


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