Tough Love By: Dr. Kamilah Stevenson

"Developing Strength in Love to Minister to Humanity"

Wow!  This book is a must read.  I have notice in the 21st Century that we as the human race have no empathy nor compassion for our fellow man.  It is very interesting that in this day in age We can watch films or even create films like Repo-Man and 2012 can bring a light to this fact.  What are we coming to?

Well, Dr. Kamilah Stevenson is dealing with this fact of love.  So for those who saw the title and thought it was about child rearing this totally is not the case.  Now, I must be real with you.  It took me a while to read this short book.  Why?  Because, it dealt with even me.  I even thought, that it was boring.  But, when I got into it.  I realize that the fruit I have not been producing is the True love the way God himself intended for it to be.

As I was reading I realize that at some point, am I willing to die for the sake of my fellow man.  It was something that revolutionize  the way I thought about this love walk.  This walk is not just for my generation, but generations to come.  Here's an excerpt from the book;

"When we think about big businesses that have been around for 50 to 100 years we have to know that one person couldn't have done it alone.  Even one generation couldn't have done it alone.  There must have been some investing and preparation towards others to learn how to keep the business."

So now that I got the professionalism out the way.  Now Ms. Tra` "That Gem"  take on that.  Stop being selfish as a whole we need to get it together.  We can't look down on no one.  We have to get our hind parts in order first.  Ya' understand me.  When, we do that we can see the true power of healing, financial breakthrough and even more from The God of Abraham, Issac and Is-ra-el!  Thank Ya!!!

Now, to get this book its good!!!  You can email Dr. Kamilah Stevenson  To contact for booking engagements you can go to

Now she also, do a great blog right on facebook.  You can look her up.  Speaking of love and compassion for our fellow man check out this Sat. Radio show Restoration House Chicago will be on air and Tim Necas he is doing a run for Haiti all proceeds will go directly to Haiti.  You can donate @  Much Love Darlings!!!


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