U R The Father!!(The Game Tv series Review)

Chile, Melanie got a Maury moment didn't she. Girl, you about to lose everything. Because, of jealousy. After, 2 years you still insecure. Janey, girl you wasn't sure if Derwin was your baby daddy. Jason and Kelly yall gonna be wrote back together. Its obvious yall characters still love each other. I told yalL Malik was good eye candy. But, they need too grow yo' character up. You dain near 30 and it seem like your character getting worse. You messed uP Tee-Tee u never let your woman take home a man. I don't care who he is. Now, wow yall surprise me wiTH TaSHA Mack. Girl, what happen tO Rick Foxx. Well, yall know I will be doing a vlog tonite on "The Game" and Basket Ball wives tonite. Should be up about 9:30p.m. Ct. Much Love Darling!!!


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