Child They Tried to Machete Joss Stone

Poor baby.  Just don't know what to do Jesus.  Allegedly Joss Stone was about to get cut up Monday.  Honey let me tell you. 

Allegedly two gentlemen were pulled over.   After circling around British singer neighborhood. On there way to kill and rob, poor little Joss Stone.  The police officers search there vehicle and to there surprise they found swords, body bag and rope.  The police ask them where they were handing.  These fools told the police they were on there way to rob and kill Joss Stone. Allegedly found pics and amongst other things that lead them to there target.

So not only did these nuts have swords they had body bag too.  My Jesus!  So y'all were just gone cut her up and then carry her out in a body bag.  Well, I'm sure glad the police caught you creeps. 

I am so sorry been trying to upload my videos.  But, I have 2 coming up.  They will be on Gem Spot TV.  That's for sure COMING SOON!  Much Love Darlings!!!

picture is on and all rights reserve with them.


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