Nicki Minaj was in a Texas hotel over the weekend. Alledgely she and a male friend got into a fight. Whatever, happen alledgely made my man mad enough to hit Ms. lady in her mouth. Or I'm sorry bottom lip. Now, explain how can someone hit you in your bottom lip and not whole mouth. And Nicki why you did"'t turn to a freaken "MONSTER"! Well, anywho THE BARB didn't want to press charges. Mr. Man was no where to be found when police showed up. So do you think Nicki Minaj should speak out to the barbs and let them know this behavior should not be tolerate? Or should she keep silent what you think? Don't forget to check OUT Sat. radio show 3:30p-4p central time ON www.blogtalkradio.com/mstra-thatgem or call listen live by calling 424-675-8225. THX DIAMONDS &GENTS AS ALWAYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Much Love Darling!!!


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