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Wow! Such a foreign word in today's society.  No ONE feels the need to operate out of it.  Businesses don't, people don't, friends don't and even churches.  Integrity: possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.  This is not being accomplished.  

Now, I wouldn't be Ms. Tra` "That Gem" if I didn't tell you why I'm writing this?  Went to Rainbow Saturday in Ford City Mall.  To get a lime green shirt.  Anyway, needless to say I didn't have a shirt and I in up very disappointed with the management.  OK finally, found a shirt.  Get to the front no tag.  No sku.  The cashier then calls around for 20 mins looking for a sku.  After looking for a sku she then says, SHE CAN'T SELL ME THE SHIRT.  So I ask can I speak to the manager.  The manager then explains shirt came from a different store not there store.  So working retail my question was well how did it get checked in the dock without a sku.  No answer.  So the manager called her boss.

She then ask for me to get on the phone.  This rude lady get on the other end want to tell me how she can charge me 30 dollars for the shirt.  If I really want it.  Now Rainbow den' lost they mind.  Now, for real I ask her.   You want me to buy this shirt for what and it ain't even them twins poly & ester let alone cotton u crazy.  Then you want me to  argue with you about spending my money are you serious.  I told her you trying to get over.  You could have sold the shirt for 9.99.  It was on clearance for $5.  Now instead you sending back with a negative to your store.  All stores have clearance dummy skus.  Long story short Deb got my business that day.  And for now on.  Unless it is located Else where.  Won't be that one in FORD CITY MALL.
So if I can give the cashier gems it will be 3. She tried. The manager 1 gem because she wasn't helpful at all. And the store manager 0 GEMS. Not even worth my time. Diamonds & Gents pray for me, pray for me. Diamonds just shop Torrid to the plus Diamonds. 5,7,9 to my smaller Diamonds. Or even Deb they have came alone way if you are on a budget. Much Love Darlings!!!

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